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RESOLUTION MEPC.279(70) (Adopted on 28 October 2016 – …

approval of ballast water management systems (the Guidelines (G8)), and resolution MEPC.174(58), by which the Committee adopted a revision to the Guidelines (G8), NOTING FURTHER that, by resolution MEPC.174(58), the Committee resolved to keep Guidelines (G8…

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IMO MEPC 70 meeting concluded last month with significant decisions regarding the BWM treaty which will enter into force on September 8th, 2017, as it adopted revised G8 Guidelines.

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The IMO developed the G8 Guidelines to establish an orderly process whereby candidate technologies are tested in land based and shipboard tests and certified (i.e. type approved) by IMO member states if they meet the required discharge criteria.

MEPC approves revised G8 Guidelines

IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee’s 70th meeting (MEPC 70) last week approved a set of substantial revisions to the G8 Guidelines on equipment testing, which had been prepared by an Intersessional Working Group, which had met the week before.


Ballast Water Collaborative IMO Latest Updates

Ballast Water Collaborative IMO Latest Updates Silver Springs March 3 2014 Chris Wiley Chair IMO Ballast Water • Guidelines for sediments reception facilities (G1) • Guidelines for Ballast Water Sampling (G2) • US has not “accepted” IMO G8



The main difference between the Coast Guard BWM regulations and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) BWM Convention is in the equipment testing and verification protocols. In 2005, as updated in 2008, the IMO released G8 Guidelines for the type approval of ballast water management systems (BWMS) by flag administrations.

The BWM Convention and its Guidelines – GloBallast

The BWM Convention and its Guidelines. systems provides that Ballast Water Management systems must be approved by the Administration in accordance with IMO Guidelines (G8 Guidelines for the approval of Ballast Water Management Inauguration of 6th GEF-UNDP-IMO GloBallast R&D Forum 16th Mar 2016; Ballast water system testers meet 14th Mar



2017 BIENNIAL REPORT PRODUCED FOR THE. CALIFORNIA STATE LEGISLATURE By. C. Brown, N. Dobroski, R. Nedelcheva, C. Scianni, and J. Thompson The IMO G8 Guidelines for approval of ballast water treatment systems need to be updated, and the 56 models of ballast water treatment systems that were .

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