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10 Thoughts on the Modern Drive In Theatre – Listosaur

Day Break. The drive-in originally opened in 1966, closed in 1987, then reopened in 1996. It’s much more cost-effective for someone who wants to get into the drive-in business to buy and renovate an existing location. According to the United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association, the cost to build a new drive-in ranges between $300,000 and $500,000.

6 of the Best Drive-In Movie Theaters That Still Exist

SHANKWEILER’S DRIVE-IN, OREFIELD, PA. Opened just one year after the whole drive-in concept was patented, iconic Shankweiler’s has the distinction of being the oldest continually operated drive-in theater in the country. Happily, it’s also one of the best drive-in movie theaters in the country.

Man wants to bring modern day drive-in to ABQ | KRQE News 13

Man wants to bring modern day drive-in to ABQ. There used to be 45 drive-in theaters in New Mexico, but only 2 are still operating. One is in Carlsbad and the other is in Las Vegas. Ann and Adam Search of Pennsylvania are currently visiting Albuquerque and thought it’d be a great option to have if they returned. Hughes also thinks this would be

Modern Day Drive-in Theater Experience at Brengle Terrace

Modern Day Drive-in Theater Experience at Brengle Terrace Park. By Editor / August 15, Alice in Wonderland played at the Avo Theatre. Peter Pan went flying over the audience at The Moonlight. And Movies in the Park provided free family time with popcorn and glow sticks.

Outdoor Movies Rise in Popularity With Modern Drive-In

Outdoor Movies Rise in Popularity With Modern Drive-In Movie Theaters By Open Air Cinema on June 24, 2009 in Drive-in Movie Theaters , Guerilla Cinema , Outdoor Movie Events Outdoor movies and drive-ins, both traditional and guerrilla, are on the rise.

Modern Day Ruins: Southern California Closed Drive-Ins

Modern Day Ruins. There is a great website about closed drive-in theaters in Southern California. I remember the Panorama City, Winnetka 6, and Van Nuys/Sepulveda theaters. It would be great if this site added current pictures of the sites – then and now comparisons. A ticket booth from the Sepulveda drive-in still standing today.

This Modern-Day Drive-In With A Twist Could Be A Big Success

This Modern-Day Drive-In With A Twist Could Be A Big Success Of course, there are other less family-oriented experiences synonymous with the golden age of drive-in theaters,

6 Reasons Why Drive-In Theaters Are Never Coming Back

In the 1950s, there were around 4,000 drive-in theaters around the United States. But just like peace, love, and American cars, drive-ins began to decline around the early 1970s.

How to Start a Drive-In Theater Business |

Find Some Land: Purchase or lease real estate. Drive-in theaters are generally located on flat, …

film industry – What format do movie theaters now use

What format do movie theaters now use? Or do modern theaters now use digital projectors, such as what might be used in a home theater? (By digital I mean DVD/Bluray) Now, “Back in the day,” my dad also worked projectors for a bit. This would be back in the 70s, and you would have two projectors for each theater…

An Online Guide to the History of Theater | Compliments of

Stage Types: The different types of stages used for performances in modern day have been explained in details in this educational resource. Timeline of Theater: The link goes through time bringing to light each and every phase of theater and its story from inception.

Drive In Movie Projectors | Christie – Audio Visual Solutions

Give new life to that American icon – the drive-in theater – with Christie digital cinema solutions. Our projector and lamp combinations have powerful lighting that’s ideal for twilight conditions and parking-lot-sized throw distances.

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