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Last updated: Jan 28, 2019

How to block emails on your iPhone – Apple Community

Jul 03, 2016 · In general, you can use server-side mail rules to delete (and generally not block, nor bounce) messages, though whether you (or even potentially the provider) can access the mail server varies by provider, and mail server. Check with your mail ISP for details here. Some providers have this capability. Some do not.

I have the same question. In MS Outlook 2010 I can simply right-click and choose “Block Sender” on any message. 2 seconds; fast, easy and simple. How can I do that with Mac Mail? It looks like it takes like 5 steps to do it in Mail. Please tell me there’s a better way. Please tell me that Apple can do a simple function that Microsoft could do 5 years ago.I read this over 4 times and cannot understand your instructions, can you clarify them?To block email addresses from Apple IOS 8 iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, use the following procedure- Tap “From”, and choose “Create Contact”, “New”. Jot down the name and email address, or remember the sender’s info. If you forget, open the email, and tap “From”. Next open “Settings”, and scroll down to “Face Time”. Tap “Face Time”, and scroll to the bottom, and tap “Blocked”. Scroll to the bottom (if you have other blocked phone numbers or addresses), and tap “Add New”, and “Contacts” opens. Tap the Contact you want to block, and you’re done. Tap the back arrow twice, and you’re back to the main “Settings” page. I figured this out the hard way, because I was unable to find an accurate iOS 8 procedure. I hope this helps!Same question. Setting up a rule for every address is a pain. Isn’t there some simple way?Thanks kaitlingrey, I too found that using Face Time as suggested did not work either. In fact I added the word ‘scam’ to the senders ‘name’ when I added them to my contact list, eg “Maddison” became ‘Maddison Scam’ in my list of contacts. The very next scam email included the added word ‘Scam’, Just how this was achieved by the scammer I do not know! I’m using Microsoft Outlook for Mac as my email system on my laptop. Like you I can block these email at my Mac laptop, via my ISP but even then not all scam emails are filtered out by the ISP, even by using a scam setting of 2 (setting of 1 would block all emails) The ISP referred me to this Web site as they don’t know how to block these from my ‘phone either. Its time that Apple stepped in and sorted this out, there has to be a simple method of blocking unwanted and mischievous emails from the Apple iPhones. It would appear that this problem has been around for a long time, that being so then Apple are not upholding their security commitments to its iPhone customers. [email protected]See this discussion From the More Like This section on the right.blocking the senders in facetime settings didnt work for me, theyre all in the list yet can still email me

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