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A printer, it does not have to be able to print super quility, since you only need to make some basic colors. Still, be sure to have enough ink! 2. Printer paper without it you would not be able to print! 3. Glue. any glue that glues paper will work, i suggest strong glue. 4.

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Get another piece of paper and fold it from bottom to top. Repeat this twice so that a barrel of the gun forms. Tape this barrel to the gun. Here is how you will make a paper gun pistol that can shoot paper bullets: Things you will need. 10 papers; Tape; Glue or glue gun; Instructions. Roll the sheet from one of the corners upwards to form a

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The origami gun is very easy to make. Follow the photo diagrams below and start folding. Start with a rectangular (or square) piece of paper, and fold it in half from top to bottom as shown below. Now fold the paper in half again, and a third time: Fold the paper from left to right, then unfold.

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Simple DIY Steps on How to Make a Paper Gun That Shoots. First things first. You need three A-4 sized sheets of paper. Roll each one to form three tubes and tape the center and the ends of these tubes, so that they don’t open. It is best to roll one tube and roll the other one on top of it, then tape …

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Fold a letter-size piece of paper in half lengthwise. Refold the piece of paper again lengthwise. Then fold it one more time lengthwise. You should now have folded the paper three times. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 with another piece of paper by folding it in half lengthwise three times. You will now have two of these folded pieces of paper.

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The instructions are easy to follow and you will have a cool DIY paper gun that shoots in no time! Make A DIY Paper Gun Step One. Roll your large piece of paper like this. Step Two. You will make paper rolls with all the following measurements. Step Three.

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Homemade paper gun instructions. 1) Roll a piece of paper around a pencil, and tape it. This tube will be known as tube 1. It will be the slider part of the barrel. These small tubes will be the very basic building block of making a paper gun.

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Apr 15, 2013 · This is to make the guns handle the reasion you use two pices of paper is so that it will be a little more sturty. You then cut the rolled up paper in half it dose not have to be equal. Then you take the smaller half of the rolled up paper and tape it to the base of your gun.

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