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All of these have been in China. The Sarajevo games have also been the only Olympics so far to be hosted by a city with mainly Muslim population. During the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, numerous newspapers drew attention to the Games neglected venues as it was the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Winter Olympics.

19 Haunting Pictures Of The Abandoned 1984 Winter Olympics

Up in the hills above the Bosnian capital is the Bobsleigh and Luge track used in the in 1984 …

Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics – results & video highlights

Relive the moments that went down in history from the Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics. Access official videos, results, sport and athlete records. skip to content. Menu. Olympic Games. Summer Olympic Games; Winter Olympic Games Skier Jure Franko claimed silver in the giant slalom to win Yugoslavia’s first Olympic Winter Games medal

Olympics Then and Now: Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, Winter

No one was more surprised when Sarajevo won the right to host the 1984 Olympics than the Yugoslav people. After all, no Winter Olympic Games had ever been held in a socialist country and Yugoslavia was immersed in both an economic and political state of disarray following the death of Josip Brod Tito.

XIV Olympic Winter Games Held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia

XIV Olympic Winter Games Held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. A then record of 49 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) entered athletes at the 1984 Winter Olympic Games. Egypt, Monaco, Puerto Rico, Senegal, and Virgin Islands participated in their 1st Winter Olympic Games. The Republic of China ended its boycott of the Olympic Games over

1984 Sarajevo Olympic Winter Games – Team USA Hockey

1984 Sarajevo Olympic Winter Games Sarajevo, Yugoslavia | Feb. 7-19 Despite going unbeaten in four of its six games, the 1984 U.S. Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey Team settled for a seventh-place finish in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.

Sarajevo hopes to rekindle Olympic flame with Youth Games

7 hours ago · SARAJEVO: When Sarajevo welcomed the globe’s top athletes to its mountains for the 1984 Winter Olympics, it was a moment of pride for all of Yugoslavia…

Sarajevo in Yugoslavia | Visit Sarajevo

Sarajevo in Yugoslavia After the II World War Sarajevo grew at an amazing speed and quickly became one of the most important industrial centers of the Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. At the time, Yugoslavia was a closed society with open borders.

What Happens When Your Olympic Site Turns Into a War Zone

The Olympic Games have always been inextricable from politics, and it was a big deal in 1984 for Yugoslavia to the first Communist country to host the winter Olympics. But the Games are also

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Economy. In 1981 Sarajevo’s GDP per capita was 133% of the Yugoslav average. Gross pay in Sarajevo in February 2015 was KM 1,578 or € 790, while net salary was KM 1,020 or €521. Sarajevo is after Ljubljana and Zagreb the richest city in former Yugoslavia and one of the richest cities in the Balkans .

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo 1984, Yugoslavia’s Olympic Games / Bosnia

The XIV Olympic Winter Games were held in Sarajevo from February 8th to 19th, 1984. It was an event with several unprecedented records. It was the first Winter Olympics to be held in a communist country.

Yugoslavia at the Olympics – Wikipedia

Yugoslavia at the Olympics Teams from Yugoslavia first participated at the Olympic Games in 1920. Previously, several athletes from Croatia , Slovenia and northern Serbian province Vojvodina had competed for Austria or Hungary when those countries were part of the Empire of Austria-Hungary .

NOC: Yugoslav Olympic Committee

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