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ABO Blood group calculator shows what could be the blood group or blood type of a child, given the blood groups of biological parents. The discovery of A, B, O and combination blood groups by Dr


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The Blood Type Calculator predicts the future blood group of your child using the information provided concerning both the mother’s and father’s blood type. Discover the probability of your baby’s blood type with the help of the free Blood Type Calculator.. Blood Type Calculator. Simply fill in the required fields of the Blood Type Calculator by selecting the blood type of the child’s

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Child Blood Type Calculation based on Parental Blood Types, Calculate One Parent’s Blood Type based on Another Parent and Child. If both parents have type A blood, then the alleles could be AA or AO, thus the allele A frequency is 75%, allele O frequency is 25% for both parents.

Blood Type Calculator

This blood type calculator determines the possible blood type of a person based on the blood groups of his or her parents. Below the form you can read more about blood antigens and determination and also about blood transfusions. The ABO blood group system is determined by the ABO gene. The four blood groups, determined by this system: A, B

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Our interactive blood group calculator determines a baby’s probable blood type based on mom’s and dad’s blood types, and vice versa. Blood Type Calculator. Back BabyMed Newsletter

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Our blood group calculator will help you to determine your unborn baby’s blood type based on Mothers and Fathers Blood group. Simply fill the details of the calculator and click on Calculate button. Our Blood group calculator will predict the babies future blood group. Check what will be your babies probable blood group.

Blood Type Calculator (Calculate Blood Type invoking ABO

A blood type (or blood group) is a characteristic of specific substances on the surface of red blood cells, the two most important classifications to describe blood types in humans are ABO and the Rhesus factor (Rh factor).

Blood Type Inheritance Calculator to Find Parent Blood

Blood Type Inheritance Calculator. Online health calculator helps to find parent blood group from the child’s blood group inheritance. Find Parent Blood Group Inheritance. Child Blood Type . One Parent Blood Type . Other Parent Blood Type . Note: The blood type information given here are not 100% accurate. So, it is recommended to consult a

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The Child Blood Type calculator helps you to determine the blood group or blood type of a child based on the blood group or blood type of the biological parents.. Blood groups are classified with the help of the ABO system and the Rhesus type system(Rh factor).

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The two most important classifications to describe blood groups in humans are A, B, O and the Rhesus factor +/- (Rh factor). Medically it is important to know your blood group as is the case with of blood transfusion, it is critical that a person gets the same or compatible blood type.


ABO blood type calculator. ABO blood type calculator can be used to predict possibilities of paternity. The calculator is used to determine either: The ABO blood type of the child when the blood type of the mother and the father are known (top chart), or; The ABO blood type of the father if the blood type of the mother and the child are known

Blood Type Chart: Facts and Information on Blood Group

Blood Types (Groups) A blood type (also called a blood group) is defined as the classification of blood based on the presence or absence of inherited antigenic substances on the surface of red blood cells (RBCs). A series of related blood types constitutes a blood group system, such as …

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