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NamUs – Official Site

Unidentified and unclaimed person records are entered into the NamUs database by medical examiners, coroners, and other criminal justice designees. Missing and unidentified person cases in NamUs are automatically compared to locate potential matches based on dates, geography, and core demographic information.

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ViCAP Unidentified Persons — FBI

ViCAP Unidentified Persons. The Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) maintains the largest investigative repository of major violent crime cases in the U.S. It is designed to collect and analyze information about homicides, sexual assaults, missing persons, and other violent crimes involving unidentified human remains. Select the images to display more information.

Jane Doe – Naples, Florida · ViCAP Missing Persons · John Does · Sarasota, Florida

Unidentified Deadbodies :: Welcome

We play a major role in compelling the database of the pictures of unidentified dead bodies online which further allows the families of missing people to play an …

Reveal – The Lost & The Found

The search will apply to both missing and unidentified cases. To get more details about a particular case, click on the photo. The year search is the year the unidentified body was found or the year the missing person was last seen.


Mar 20, 2018 · Australia’s first database of unidentified human remains seeks to identify ‘needle in haystack’ Authorities are creating the nation’s first database of unidentified bodies, revealing there are 500 sets of human remains currently languishing in morgues and laboratories.

TxDPS – ICT Unidentified Persons and DNA Unit

Unidentified Persons and DNA Unit. In addition, the UPDU coordinates the submission of DNA samples from unidentified human remains, which are then sent to the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) in Fort Worth, Texas. The UNTHSC develops DNA profiles from the samples and enters them into the Human Identification Database,

Cold case solved after murdered mom, son ID’d after 2

9 hours ago · The unidentified bodies of a woman and a 10-year-old boy found along an interstate in separate states 20 years ago have been identified thanks to an online DNA database…

Identifying Missing Persons and Unidentified Decedents

Unidentified Decedents and Unclaimed Persons. Unidentified decedents are people who have died and whose bodies have not been identified. Unclaimed persons are those who have been identified by name, but for whom no next of kin or family member has been identified or located to claim the body for burial or other disposition.

The Doe Network – Official Site

The Doe Network is a 100% volunteer organization devoted to assisting investigating agencies in bringing closure to national and international cold cases concerning Missing & Unidentified Persons. It is our mission to give the nameless back their names and return the missing to their families.

List of unidentified murder victims in the United States

Ottawa County Jane Doe. On October 22, 1975 the remains of an unknown Jane Doe were found in Ottawa County, Ohio. The body was unclothed, leading officials to suspect foul play after the case was reopened in 2016. The victim had died as a result of drowning and …

Database reveals parish-wide counts of unidentified bodies

Database reveals parish-wide counts of unidentified bodies. The Center for Investigative Reporting recently released a “Left for Dead” database with county-level counts of unidentified bodies.

Search Dead Body – Unidentified Deadbodies

We play a major role in compelling the database of the pictures of unidentified dead bodies online which further allows the families of missing people to play an …

Welcome: State of California Unclaimed Persons Database Search

You may search by the person’s last name and first name; by county or you may view all names in the database. If you locate the name of a person in which you would like additional information, simply click on the persons underlined name and another screen will appear with full information including the responsible governmental agency.

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