how do i get airdrop on my iphone

Use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch – Apple

Here’s how: Open an app and find the content that you want to share. To share multiple items, tap Select, then tap the items. With iOS 10 and later, you can also share links to apps with AirDrop. Just press and hold the app icon on the Home screen. Tap Share or . Tap the AirDrop …

How to Use AirDrop on Your iPhone – Lifewire

To use AirDrop, you have to make sure the settings are set up correctly, which you can do in the Settings app. Some versions of iOS work a little differently, though, so you might need to follow the second set of steps below.

How to instantly share files with AirDrop for iPhone or

How to AirDrop files from your iPhone or iPad. You can AirDrop files from any iPhone or iPad app that includes the built-in Share sheet, and you can share with anyone, and any of their devices, that show up in the Share sheet. Open the app that you want to share something from (e.g. Photos). Select the item you want to share.

How to AirDrop Photos & Other Files from iPhone to Mac (or

To AirDrop from iPhone to Mac: Open the app on your iPhone that has the file you want to share with your computer. Find the file and click the Share button (a box with an up arrow through it). You’ll see AirDrop at the top of the Share menu. Choose your computer’s name. If successful, it will say Sent below your computer’s name.

How to Airdrop from iPhone to Mac – Get Program Code

On your Mac device: Select Go > AirDrop from the menu bar in the Finder. Now, an AirDrop window will open. If the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is off, turn it on by clicking the button which is already located there. Turning On the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi automatically turns on the Airdrop feature.

How to Turn On AirDrop on iPhone X –

Having an iPhone is a superb experience and a user can quickly use all of the features of iPhone X. However, there may be some difficulty to get access to some definite options and finding AirDrop is …

“AirDrop” between iPhone & Windows PC: 2 Best Alternatives

How to use Zapya. First off, connect your iPhone/iPad and your Windows PC to the same Wi-Fi network or with hotspot and then launch Zapya on both devices. Now on your PC, in the Connect tab, select “Join Group”. It will scan and list out the Zapya-enabled device. …

How to Turn Off AirDrop on an iPhone 5 – Solve Your Tech

Navigate to a Home screen on your iPhone, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display …

Use AirDrop on your Mac – Apple Support

Open the file that you want to send, then click Share within your app. Or Control-click the file in the Finder, then choose Share from the shortcut menu. The Share menu lists several sharing options. Choose AirDrop. Select a recipient from the AirDrop sheet. After they have accepted and the file has been sent, click Done.

What Is AirDrop and How Does It Work? – Lifewire

How to Use AirDrop on the iPad. It’s designed to share what you are doing at that time. First, tap the share button. This is the box with the arrow sticking straight up. This share button accesses the Share menu, which allows you to share via AirDrop, Facebook, iMessage, …

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