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Hacked Macron Emails Leak Online Ahead of French

Hackers Hit Macron With Huge Email Leak Ahead of French Election. The 9GB trove purports to be an archive of leaked emails from the party of Emmanuel Macron, the left-leaning candidate currently favored to win France’s impending runoff election against far-right opponent Marine Le Pen. The latest data dump comes less than 48 hours before France’s

French candidate Macron claims massive hack as emails

French candidate Macron claims massive hack as emails leaked. Macron, who is seen as the frontrunner in an election billed as the most important in France in decades, extended his lead over Le …

WikiLeaks – Macron Campaign Emails

Macron Campaign Emails. The emails range from 20 March 2009 to 24 April 2017. The 21,075 emails have been individually forensically verified by WikiLeaks through its DKIM system. The full archive of 71,848 emails with 26,506 attachments from 4,493 unique senders is provided for context.

Macron’s leaked emails show UK ‘too important’ to sideline

Leaked emails from French President Emmanuel Macron reveal a belief that Britain is ‘too important’ to sideline to after Brexit because of its strong military.

‘Democratic shipwreck’ as Emmanuel Macron emails leaked

Updated7 May 2017 — 5:19amfirst published 6 May 2017 — 4:02pm. France’s extraordinary presidential election has had a last-minute twist: the public release of a hoard of emails and documents hacked from the campaign of front-runner centrist Emmanuel Macron, which his campaign said had “put the vital interests of democracy in jeopardy”.

Emmanuel Macron hacked emails: French – The Independent

Emmanuel Macron hacked emails: French media ordered by electoral commission not to publish content of messages. As much as 9GB gigabytes of data were posted on a profile called EMLEAKS to an anonymous document sharing site under two days before the final vote. While French election rules forbid the media from publishing the emails,

French presidential frontrunner Macron’s emails leaked

May 05, 2017 · French presidential frontrunner Macron’s emails leaked after alleged hack. Private emails from the campaign of the leading candidate in France’s presidential election, Emmanuel Macron, have been posted online by an unknown source. The politician confirmed the leak i

#RussiansDidIt: Macron Email Leak – Forbidden Knowledge TV

WikiLeaks investigated the leaked emails and tweeted that they’d discovered “Cyrillic metadata. Unclear if by design, incompetence, or Slavic employee.” Unclear if …

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