iphone 6s stopped working

SOLVED: Why has my iPhone 6s suddenly stopped working

My Iphone 6s has suddenly stopped working for no real reason. I just could not turn it on one day (It´s charged and I have tried hard resetting it).

You could have a defective battery. Apple has a recall program for the iPhone 6S experiencing unexpected shutdowns. I would check out the site to see if your phone is eligible for a free replacement. You say and iTunes enabled computer does not recognize the phone. Do you use non-original chargers to charge your device, like a cheap car charger or fake Apple charging brick? Those are known to blow out the charge circuit on the logic board. You should also consider sending your phone to a reputable micro-soldering repair shop. They will be able to properly troubleshoot your device because it sounds like you have a logic board issue (check the battery first).2Does it make a tone when you plug it in? Have you tried a hard reset? Hold the power button and Home button down for about 10 seconds. If you don’t see the screen come on with a white Apple then the phone isn’t resetting. Is the case still tight on the side with the missing screw? I don’t think that would cause problems but it’s a possibility.0The two tiny screw are the holder for the whole body if one is missing that show the all the parts are not place in the proper place. Try and press the button at home and make sure is at the right angle. Off button till all shutdown ,, a full shut down and on again it should work’!!! Aline the missing screw side ::: do a full shutdown and reboot!!0What we can do is when a phone got no reaction , unplug the device and if you left it overnight if that’s nothing we can do about it , still no reaction we plug to the charge ,and on it , (that ) once the device cool down it should reboot once we left it to cool for a few hours, meaning it drain off the power empty , battery devices seems to have this problem, obviously we cannot open the iphone and disconnect the battery to it Mainboard ,, unplug the power supplied , just left it a few hour let it drain off the power supplies!! Hope it help0I have an iPhone 6 and it was perfectly fine. Nothing was missing like yours. I went to Apple and they said it just stopped working and couldn’t do anything about it. That was all it just stoped working for no reason. I hope you find a solution but the iPhone 6’s are just going out of date like the iPhone 5’s.0mine just did this again last night.. this is the second time it has done this. just sitting there, perfectly normal, and all of a sudden stops working. before this, the battery had kept dying really quickly, and the phone would reject certain cords, like if plugged it in just wouldn’t respond, even with some brand new out of the box cords. the solution was to replace the tristar chip, but it looks like now I’ll have to go back to the store to see what happened. cheers0Hiya I had this problem Just take the battery connection off by undoing the two bottom screws, Lift the screen ( don’t undo the screen) and then undo the two screws which hold down a small metal sheet under which is the battery connection. Undo this whilst charging the phone and put it back on and the phone should start up again. Then redo the screws up and charge the phone up to max0Not sure but I have a iPhone 6+ and all of a sudden I lost service and all I could do is text threw WiFi and only to iPhone owners and nothing else, my phone is In perfect condition, I have an otter box case on it from the beginning and has never taken any rough damage so I know for a fact that it isn’t user error, it get service randomly on it’s on what could it be please help0

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Apr 23, 2017 · Im sure that my iPhone was one of the faultiest iPhone made. Tried putting it in other charging sources but the screen is still black . Pressed the home button and other button for good long 10 seconds bit it’s still not working . iI don’t know what has happened to Apple in past few years.

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