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Official state information about marijuana in Nevada

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Nevada Medical Marijuana Laws

NEVADA MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD. Under NRS 453A, only a person with a qualifying debilitating medical condition who has applied for the Medical Marijuana program and obtained a valid Nevada Medical Marijuana Program card is exempted from criminal laws of the state for engaging in the medical use of marijuana.

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Is Weed Legal in Las Vegas? Nevada Marijuana Information

In 2013, more than a decade after voters approved a medical marijuana initiative, the Nevada Legislature finally voted in favor of safe, regulated access to medical cannabis. In addition to allowing medical cannabis dispensaries, the revised law provides protections for some out-of-state patients and increases cultivation and possession limits.

Las Vegas Dispensary Guide to Marijuana Laws in 2018

Medical marijuana became legal in many places within the state of Nevada some three years ago. At the beginning of July 2017, changes in the law meant that recreational cannabis dispensaries also became available, and that has helped to encourage a pot tourism boom in …


NRS 453A.620 Program for evaluation and research of medical use of marijuana: Authority of Department of Administration of University of Nevada School of Medicine concerning gifts, grants, donations and contributions; deposit of money in State Treasury.

Nevada Medical Marijuana & Recreational Cannabis Info

Legislation History. The Medical Use of Marijuana Act, or Question 9, was approved 65.4% by Nevada voters in 2000. Question 9 allowed Nevada residents home cultivation of cannabis for medical use, and created a patient registry system; however, medical marijuana sales in Nevada …

Medical Marijuana – Nevada

GENERAL INFORMATION. The use of medical marijuana became legal in Nevada in 2001, and state-certified medical marijuana establishments, like dispensaries, became operational in 2015. Patients meeting certain criteria can apply for a Nevada medical marijuana card. The medical marijuana card allows the patient to legally purchase marijuana

Nevada Marijuana Laws: Recreational vs. Medical Legalization

Medical Marijuana in Nevada. Nevada was one of the earliest states to pass medical marijuana laws, with 65% of voters approving Ballot Question 9 in 2000. Since, the law has been amended twice (once in 2001 and once in 2013) to create further regulations for distribution of and access to marijuana.

Nevada Marijuana Laws |

Anyone 18 years and older with a valid medical marijuana card can purchase cannabis legally in Nevada, even if the card has been issued from another state. Minors can also qualify for a medical card as long as a parent or guardian signs the Minor Release Form and agrees to act as the child’s …

Nevada Marijuana Dispensaries |

Browse marijuana dispensaries using the map below or: Recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries are up and running in Nevada. Any adult 21 years of age or older with valid, government-issued ID can purchase marijuana, no residency in Nevada is required. For more information on Nevada marijuana laws, click here.

Medical Marijuana – Nevada

Medical Marijuana. Medical Marijuana Patient Cardholder Registry; Medical Marijuana Establishments (MME) Regulated by Nevada Department of Taxation. The Medical Marijuana Establishment Program, including certification of establishments and initial application and renewal of agent cards.

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