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Recife, Brazil: One of the World’s Top 10 Shark Infested

Shark Attacks in Recife. Prior to 1992, there were virtually no reports of shark attacks along the 12.5-mile coastline of Recife. But between June 1992 and September 2006 there were 47 shark attacks resulting in 17 deaths. According to the Shark Attack File, the most recent attacks …

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When Dave Martin was mauled to death by a shark in San Diego in 2008, it surprised some shark researchers. Since 1926, San Diego has had only had 18 attacks [source: ISAF]. Shark attacks in California are much more likely to occur farther north, in the infamous Red Triangle.

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Graphic First fatal shark attack of 2018. The first fatal shark attack of 2018 occurred June 3 off the coast of Piedade Beach near Recife, Brazil. Jose Ernesto Ferreirada da Silva, 18, was swimming in deep water and, based on evidence of the incident, appeared to be alone. Jose Ernestor da Silva circled in red as a life guard rushes into save him.

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Rodrigo Matias, from Recife’s fire department, said Mr Ferreira was swimming with his brother and friends in deep waters near the shore, in an area marked by signs warning of shark attacks.

No one goes in the water in Recife, Brazil, because of

That’s because Recife — a host city for the most recent World Cup — has one of the highest shark-attack rates in the world. Between 1992 and 2012, there were 56 attacks in the city’s waters.

Tourist Loses Leg During Shark Attack In Recife, Brazil

Tourist Loses Leg During Shark Attack In Recife, Brazil (Graphic) Posted by: SportSmasher , April 16, 2018 DailyMail A beach-goer has lost his leg after being attacked by a …

The beautiful Brazilian beaches plagued by shark attacks

The beautiful Brazilian beaches plagued by shark attacks. His death was the 56th shark attack in Recife in 20 years. What is so shocking about Recife’s attacks is that so many of them are fatal – 21 of the 56, a death rate of about 37%. This is much higher than the worldwide shark attack fatality rate, which is currently about 16%, according to Florida State Museum of Natural History .

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Jan 25, 2019 · “Boa Viagem Beach” is certainly the most traditional and famous beach in Recife. Located right between the beaches of “Pina” and ‘Piedade”, it lays along approximately 7 kms of Pernambuco’s coast. Unfortunately, due to fatal shark attacks, bathing is not recommended and there are warning


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Bull sharks are considered to be one of the most dangerous shark species, with many proven attacks against humans. There are almost two million people in Recife and surrounding areas, and there are many beaches conveniently located in and around the city, but some 700 metres (2,300 feet) off the coast there is a deep trench running parallel to the beaches.

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Shark attack. Out of more than 489 shark species, only three are responsible for a double-digit number of fatal, unprovoked attacks on humans: the great white, tiger, and bull. The oceanic whitetip has probably killed many more castaways, but these are not recorded in the statistics.

ICD-9-CM: E906.3 E906.3

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Share this article. Recife’s frequency of fatal shark attacks is one of the highest in the world. Since 1992, sharks have attacked 59 people in the area; 40 percent of the victims died. There are many reasons for the attacks, but disrupted habitat is the major one. Mangroves filter water from the rivers around which Recife is built,

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A complete list of the shark attacks that have occurred in Brazil.

Shark attack on drowning Brazilian Bruna Gobbi, 18 who

A total of 58 shark attacks, 28 of them fatal, have been reported over the past 21 years in Recife, one the most popular seaside resorts in the northeastern state of Pernambuco, according to a

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Although Recife’s state of Pernambuco has just a tiny—albeit beautiful—fraction of Brazil’s 5,000 mile-coastline, it has been home to more than half of Brazil’s shark attacks since 1931.

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