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Cutting your own veneer is a great way to conserve high quality material. Obviously it acts more like solid wood so it doesn’t tear as easily or curl when it gets a little glue on it. Clamping pressure doesn’t have to be as perfect either. I would like to make a 4′ wide sheet of 3/16 veneer to cover the deck of my boat. I plan to

Cutting Veneer Seams and Joints with a Veneer Saw

Use a veneer saw at the line you have drawn and cut the first sheet only. Lay that veneer on top of the next veneer sheet in the bundle so that it is mirrored/bookmatched. You’ll need need to move the veneers around a bit until you see the perfect mirror image at the cut edge of the first veneer sheet.

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Because it is so thin, cutting it requires care and precision. After you have sized the wood veneer to your project, you can cut it down to size by scoring the back with utility knife. Make sure the blade is sharp. Run it back across the back side a few times and it should cut right through.

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Apr 29, 2011 · Place a sheet of wax paper. Place a sheet of wax or parchment paper on your substrate. This will go between the substrate and the veneer while you align the veneer, to help you get it as straight as possible without joining the pieces before they’re ready. Align the veneer.


How To Apply Wood Veneer Sheets: Follow These Simple Steps!

Preparation. Inspect the wood veneer sheets properly for any impurity or deformation. Select a …

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The wood backed veneers can be ordered with the optional 3M peel and stick adhesive. They can be cut with a razor knife or a scissors. You can cut the paper backed veneers with a utility knife or a scissors. For most surfaces, you cut the veneer larger than the area that you are going to veneer.

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The second distinction between wood veneers is in the preparation for application. There are four different types of wood veneers: thin-cut wood, paper backed sheets, pre-glued-peel-and-stick sheets and wood glued to wood sheets.

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