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Modern Day Architecture. Have you read Scott Timberg’s article “The Architecture Meltdown” which appeared in Salon on February 4, 2012? It is creating quite a buzz. Timberg questions the direction architecture is taking after the crash of the housing market.

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modern architecture, new architectural style that emerged in many Western countries in the decade after World War I [1]. It was based on the “rational” use of modern materials, the principles of functionalist planning, and the rejection of historical precedent and ornament.

Effects of Technology on Modern Day Architecture and Design

Notes on modern architecture by Antoine Picon shows that architecture has been closely related to technology since the nineteen century and argues that modernism’s tendency towards architecture has made it possible to elevate the living settings of the masses.

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Dec 29, 2018 · Modern architecture is the term used to describe the simplified, unornamented building styles of the late 19th and the 20th centuries. These building styles are also known by other labels, like International Style, Neue Sachlichkeit or New Objectivity, and Functionalism.

How Roman architecture influenced modern architecture

How Roman architecture influenced modern architecture. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day (which makes sense, because that would be impossible) but however long it took to build the Italian capital, the days, months, years, centuries of work have left a lasting impact upon architecture even to this day.

How Has Roman Architecture Influenced Modern Architecture

Roman architecture had a tremendous influence on modern buildings of the western civilization. The widespread use of columns, domes, and arches is a testament to this fact. Its influence can be seen even today, in some of the finest American buildings.

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The Modern Aesthetic. The defining feature of modern architecture is the modern aesthetic (aka the “modern look”), which may be summarized as “plain geometric forms”. Today, we are so accustomed to the modern aesthetic (in everything from household appliances to skyscrapers) that it can be difficult to imagine the controversy surrounding its development.

Architecture Timeline of Important Historic Periods

Göbekli Tepe in present day Turkey is a good example of archaeological architecture. Before recorded history, humans constructed earthen mounds, stone circles, megaliths, and structures that often puzzle modern-day archaeologists.

Ancient Greek to Modern Architecture with Greek Influence

Modern Greek architecture is commonly defined as architecture which has followed international and cultural trends; however, real modern Greek architecture actually began when the Modern Greek state was established after the country’s war of independence in 1821.

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Ancient Rome has evolutionized civil engineering then, and influenced the modern civil engineers, which can be seen from examples of the modern day arch structure’s architects that are also as daring enough as the ancient Romans to build it BIGGER, LONGER, and STRONGER!

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Apr 01, 2011 · The day was declared by the architect Charles Jencks to be the day on which modern architecture died in his book The Language of Post Modern Architecture. The Rise and Fall of Modernist Architecture. Inquiries Journal/Student Pulse [Online], 3. Available:

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