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, MBA from University of Southern California (1972) Chrome works great on my Mac. It seems to give more in depth information than Safari. Using Chrome on all of my devices is great. If I have been using Google Chrome from my computer and have to leave I can pick up where I …

How to fix Google Chrome problems on Mac – MacPaw

To manually delete your Chrome cache on Mac: Open Chrome and go to Settings > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data. Select Clear Browsing Data. Check the history, cache, cookie and other types of browser data that you want to delete. Click Clear Browsing Data.

Safari vs. Chrome for Mac: 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Chrome

Chrome Does Things Its Own Way, Not the Mac Way. Most Mac apps have their own preferences window; Chrome uses a website in a tab for that. Whether you like these changes or not, you’ve got to admit Chrome just doesn’t work the way Mac apps do. And if you’re using a Mac, it must at least be in part because you like the way Mac apps work.

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Jan 20, 2012 · K well i mite try it then. (google chrome) As for performance, the are both based on the same WebKit core, so the differences are likely to be in memory utilization and JavaScript execution. Tom’s Hardware recently ran an extensive browser comparison where Safari was crowned the Mac winner, but personal preference plays a part, too. Personally I use Safari for 99% of what I do.

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It’s even worse when you login to Google and then use Chrome as they know who is using the browser. Google’s search is just as nefarious. Use DuckDuckGo or Try A Search Engine Better Than Google. Marco DeMello: When the product is free you are the product. Tim Cook said the same thing. But do the math yourself. Chrome and most Google apps are free.

How to Use Google Chrome Remote Desktop with a Mac and an

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Chrome for Mac review: When speed is all you care about in

Google Chrome for Mac. The Mac browser market might be better off if Google applied some of the innovation it touts in other areas of its business to its Chrome Web browser. The latest version is once again a lightning-fast, efficiently functional browser, at or …


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