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Flight origin: John F. Kennedy Int’l Airport, New York City

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Aircraft type: Boeing 747-131

Was TWA 800 Shot Down By a Military Missile? | WHAT REALLY

Was TWA 800 Shot Down By a Military Missile? By Michael Rivero. On July 17, 1996, about 8:45pm, TWA flight 800, N93119, a Boeing 747-100, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Long Island shortly after takeoff from Kennedy International Airport. The airplane was on …

Former Obama pilot: TWA Flight 800 was not blown up by a

Apr 15, 2015 · Let’s be clear on this: TWA Flight 800 was shot out of the sky. Let’s be clear on this: TWA Flight 800 was shot out of the sky. most likely a missile — had struck the plane. But when

Was TWA Flight 800’s fiery crash part of a massive cover-up?

After learning of TWA 800’s destruction, “He came to the personal conclusion that what he had seen was a missile hitting the airplane.” Witnesses 385 and 386, a couple with their young

Claims that TWA Flight 800 was hit by missile before mid

What brought down TWA Flight 800: Claims that plane was hit by missile before mid-air explosion and of a government cover-up detailed in book 20 years after Long Island crash

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Author James Sander’s wife works for TWA. She lost friends on flight 800, and as rumors of a missile kill of flight 800 began to circulate within TWA, James was asked to look into the matter. In his book, “ The Downing Of TWA Flight 800.” James Sanders related the story of how one of the TWA employees working in the Calverton hanger

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Information uncovered in early 1999 now shows that TWA Flight 800 could have been shot down by one or more shoulder-fired missiles. The FBI was briefed by military missile experts in the Fall of 1996 that Flight 800 was well within the range of a shoulder fired missile.

TWA 800 Shot Down by a Military Missile? – Conspiracies

Nov 14, 2011 · TWA flight 800 was shot down by a U.S. Navy Aegis missile fired from a guided missile ship which was in area W-105 about 30 miles from where TWA 800 blew up{W-105) is a rather large area, budget constraints have dictated that missile firings be done closer to land so that the flight time for the P-3 monitor and tracking aircraft can be reduced.

The Flight 800 Investigation

Associated Retired Aviation Professionals – Commander Donaldson, USN Ret. has uncovered significant new information that shows that TWA Flight 800 was shot down by shoulder fired missiles. Evidence of FBI Missile Search – April 5, 1999

TWA Flight 800 Eyewitness Evidence

TWA Flight 800 Eyewitness Evidence. The FBI interviewed 670 eyewitnesses to the crash of TWA Flight 800. Witnesses who observed events early in the crash sequence described a rising streak of light culminating in an airborne explosion at Flight 800’s altitude.

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TWA Flight 800 Disaster: Cover-up? The Downing of TWA Flight 800 by James Sanders scavenge pump, a missile ejector can and the missile battery. cooling unit! TWA Flight 800 was the 27th civil aircraft shot down worldwide. by shoulder fired missiles. The Administration’s actions have.

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