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iPad Resolution This is the full number of pixels that are being rendered. This is the value you get when you apply the multiplier (1x, 2x, 3x) the device uses to the screen size in points.

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The actual size and screen resolution of the iPad depends on the model. Apple now has three different iPad models: the iPad Mini, the iPad Air and the iPad Pro. These models come in 7.9-inch, 9.7-inch, 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch sizes and a variety of resolutions, so the actual screen resolution of your iPad depends on the model.

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In portrait orientation, the iPad’s screen resolution is 768 pixels wide by 1024 pixels high; in landscape mode, your iPad displays 1024 pixels horizontally, and 768 pixels vertically – in other words, the distribution of the screen resolution’s sides changes, but not the total screen resolution itself.

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iPad Screen Resolution (1st Gen) This was further proved by iPad’s sales, that hit the roof with over 300,000 sold in first 24 hours. This iPad featured Wi-Fi connection with a display size of 9.7” and an anti-scratch coating over a pixel density of 132ppi.

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The 12.9-inch iPad Pro display has rounded corners that follow a beautiful curved design, and these corners are within a standard rectangle. When measured as a standard rectangular shape, the screen is 12.9 inches diagonally (actual viewable area is less).

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12 rows · iPad Mini iPad Air 10.5-inch iPad Pro 11-inch iPad Pro 12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st and 2nd …

Resolution 640 x 1136 640 x 1136 750 x 1334
Logical Resolution 320 x 568 320 x 568 375 x 667
Associated Devices iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, iPo… iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, i…
PPI 326 ppi 326 ppi 326 ppi

See all 12 rows on iosres.com

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iPad browser WIDTH & HEIGHT standard. Ask Question 122. 90. Your best bet is to make the width and height the same as the lower resolution of the iPad, since you don’t know which way it’s oriented; in other words, you would make your page 768×768, so that it will fit well on the iPad’s screen whether it’s oriented to be 1024×768 or 768×1024

The pixel width and height of your page will depend on orientation as well as the meta viewport tag, if specified. Here are the results of running jquery’s $(window).width() and $(window).height() on iPad 1 browser.
When page has no meta viewport tag:
Portrait: 980×1208.
Landscape: 980×661.
When page has either of these two meta tags:Best answer · 0
There’s no simple answer to this question. Apple’s mobile version of WebKit, used in iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads, will scale the page to fit the screen, at which point the user can zoom in and out freely.
That said, you can design your page to minimize the amount of zooming necessary.0
You can try this:
/*iPad landscape oriented styles */

@media only screen and (device-width:768px)and (orientation:landscape){



/*iPad Portrait oriented styles */

@media only screen and (device-width:768px)and (orientation:portrait){


Scale down Mobile Safari viewport width when iPad is in
How to fit to screen after changing viewport width on

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iPad mini 4 – Specs – Apple

See full tech specs for iPad mini 4 — resolution, size, weight, battery life, and storage capacity — for Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular models.

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Feb 14, 2012 · The iPad screen is 1024-by-768-pixels. You could set the page width to the 1024 if you wanted to utilize a wider view requiring the iPad to be rotated. This would necessitate more scrolling but that’s easy with the iPad. Or use 768 for the width for the normal iPod orientation and less scrolling.

iPad 2 – Technical Specifications

Jun 14, 2013 · iPad 2 – Technical Specifications. Models. Wi-Fi; Wi-Fi + 3G; Size and Weight 1 Wi-Fi. 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi) Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating; iPad embodies Apple’s continuing environmental progress. It is designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact:

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Because its screen has a lower pixel resolution than what would be a natural @3x resolution, the rendered content is automatically resized to approximately 87% of the original size (from 2208 x 1242 pixels to fit the display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels) for the regular Plus models.

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iPad Screen Size & Resolution Getting Ready for App Review . A Brief History About the Apple iPad. The Apple iPad’s big screen arrived in our lives in April 2010.

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