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BioShock Infinite Xbox 360/PS3 Review – IGN

Mar 22, 2013 · BioShock Infinite Xbox 360/PS3 Review. Trending Today. Having played BioShock Infinite on all three platforms, I’ve found that some of the combat system’s inherent versatility and wealth of


BioShock Infinite –

Aug 29, 2013 · Review > See It. Latest News IGN Daily Fix. Watch Video The third game in the popular Bioshock series, BioShock Infinite breaks away from the …


BioShock Infinite Review –

BioShock Infinite aims so damn high – fittingly, since its alternate-reality 1912 city of Columbia literally floats atop clouds – that it’s a wonder it successfully hits any of its lofty goals at all.

BioShock: The Collection Review – IGN

Sep 14, 2016 · BioShock Infinite (which IGN gave a 9.4 in 2013), meanwhile, is a more modern game to begin with, so the only perceptible change to the Collection version as compared to the Xbox 360 and


BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea — Episode 1 Review – IGN

Nov 11, 2013 · First, a public-service announcement: if you haven’t finished BioShock Infinite, consider this a severe spoiler warning. Now on with the review. BioShock Infinite is …


BioShock Infinite: The IGN Review: The Kotaku Review

But we can tell you about IGN’s exclusive review of BioShock Infinite, which went live tonight.So above you can find our Official Kotaku Review* of their review.

BioShock Infinite – A Fan Scorned Review – GameSpot

BioShock Infinite – A Fan Scorned Review Squandering infinite possibilities. Tom takes a second look at one of 2013’s biggest games. By Tom Mc Shea on January 28, 2014 at 6:06PM

Author: 2K Games, Aspyr

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Review – IGN

Mar 25, 2014 · [Editor’s Note: Reading this review is not recommended if you haven’t completed BioShock Infinite, nor is playing Burial at Sea Episode 2. Consider this a …


BioShock 2 Review – IGN

Feb 09, 2010 · BioShock 2 Review. Trending Today. Kingdom Hearts 3 Review. The Hong Kong Massacre Review. Advertisement. At the Gates Review. IGN Recommends. Kingdom Hearts 3 Review. Resident Evil 2 Review.

BioShock: The Collection Review – YouTube

Sep 13, 2016 · BioShock: The Collection reviewed by Jonathon Dornbush on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Also available on PC.—–­—-Follow IGN for more!

Bioshock Infinite Xbox 360/PS3 Review | IGN | N4G

IGN: “Going in, I had to question whether Infinite could live up to the BioShock name after having discarded its signature world of Rapture, with its Big Daddies and Little Sisters and warring philosophies, and starting from scratch.

IGN Reviews – BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2

Mar 25, 2014 · The end has arrived for Rapture and Columbia.

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