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Drew Barrymore’s Rep Says EgyptAir Interview Is Bogus

An “interview” with Drew Barrymore appears in EgyptAir’s in-flight magazine, Horus, and recently went viral after a passenger tweeted out the article, which includes wild quotes from the actress.

Author Of Bizarre Drew Barrymore Magazine Interview Comes

Drew Barrymore – Getty Images. EgyptAir’s in-flight magazine Horus is getting some unintentional laughs after a purported interview with Drew Barrymore goes viral. The bizarre interview was

A Very Fake Drew Barrymore Interview From EgyptAir’s In

Oct 02, 2018 · An extremely fake interview with actress Drew Barrymore is making the rounds on Twitter after a passenger spotted the article in an in-flight magazine.

EgyptAir magazine reporter insists Drew Barrymore story is

Oct 03, 2018 · After a photo of a bonkers in-flight magazine interview with Drew Barrymore went viral Tuesday, the actress wanted to let people know it’s fake. But …

Rep for Drew Barrymore says bizarre EgyptAir interview is

A wild interview with Drew Barrymore in EgyptAir’s in-flight magazine went viral after being tweeted out Monday by a passenger — and now there’s a battle between the star’s reps and the

Magazine Apologizes for Bizarre Drew Barrymore Interview

The publisher of EgyptAir’s in-flight magazine has apologized for running an interview with Drew Barrymore that was so strange many on social media questioned its legitimacy. The BBC reports

EgyptAir magazine apologises for bizarre Drew Barrymore

The inflight magazine of Egypt’s national airline has apologised over a bizarre article purportedly based on an interview with actor Drew Barrymore that sparked an online furore.

Drew Barrymore’s BIZARRE interview with EgyptAir magazine

Drew Barrymore’s bizarre interview with EgyptAir’s in-flight magazine has fans scratching their heads and wondering if the actress approved the ‘unreal’ profile.

EgyptAir pulls magazine with ‘bogus’ Drew Barrymore interview

EgyptAir has reportedly pulled the latest edition of its in-flight magazine after Drew Barrymore‘s reps said an interview in the mag was bogus. The piece on Barrymore went viral after a

This Viral Drew Barrymore Interview Is Fake News — & It’s

An alleged Drew Barrymore interview for an Egypt Air in-flight magazine is raising eyebrows as quotes leak on the internet.

Drew Barrymore’s ‘bizarre’ interview with inflight

Oct 04, 2018 · An EgyptAir inflight magazine ‘interview’ with Drew Barrymore has been called insulting, grammatically incorrect and fake over the star’s comments on …

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EgyptAir Magazine Has BIZARRE Interview With Drew

This comes from EgyptAir’s inflight magazine, Horus, which claims to have had an interview with Drew Barrymore. Yes, it has a few quotes from her, but everything else …

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