what can you do with an apple watch

50 Exciting Things You Can Do With the Apple Watch

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Dec 19, 2018 · Here are the most exciting and useful things you can do with the Apple Watch. Answer Calls. Use the Apple Watch as a flashlight. Use the Apple Watch in Water. Track Your Runs. Stay Quiet in a Movie Theater. Change …

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10 Coolest Things the Apple Watch Can Do – Tom’s Guide

Go for a swim. Got an Apple Watch Series 3? Banish your natural inclination not to get your …

10 Cool Things to Do With Your Apple Watch – dummies

Music playback. To sync music to your Apple Watch, follow these steps: Connect your Apple Watch to your PC or Mac via its USB charger. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app. Under My Watch, scroll down and tap Music, followed by Synced Playlist. Decide what you’ like to transfer over to your watch.

5 things the Apple Watch can do, and 5 things it can’t

Sep 10, 2014 · Fitness tracking. Apple says the watch can help people lead healthier lives, by letting them set goals within apps or tracking their physical activity using built-in sensors. There’s an accelerometer like in a smartphone, and a heart-rate sensor …

40+ Fantastic Things You Can Do with an Apple Watch Series 3

Track your sleep. The battery life on Apple Watch is pretty good and the device charges quickly. If …

Here’s what you can do on the Apple Watch without your

That’s it for now. Hopefully, someday, the Apple Watch will use its Wi-Fi antenna to get data on its own, or to pair with other devices like the Apple TV and Macs (it already has an Apple TV remote mode, but it’s somewhat simple in its range of function). In the meantime, …

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